Amalgam Fillings

Many people have amalgam fillings.  More correctly, they should be called mercury fillings.  Here are some things to consider when you are planing to have dental fillings.

- Did you know that Dental Amalgam fillings are approximately 50% elemental Mercury?

- Did you know that every time you chew or warm up a mercury filling small amounts of mercury vapor are released from the filling? AND... that this never stops?

- Did you know that the amount of filling that does not go in your mouth (or amalgam scrap) is considered a toxic waste by the Environmental Protection Agency?

- Do you really want these materials in your mouth? -Any dentist can remove mercury fillings, that is "Cosmetic Dentistry" BUT ASK YOURSELF:

- Does my dentist place mercury fillings at all? 

-Does my dentist protect me when they are removed?

- Does my dentist work with other health professionals to coordinate the removal of the heavy metals from the body? 

If your dentist doesn’t do these things perhaps you should see someone who does!

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