Materials Testing

Dr. Charnesky offers his patients the opportunity to test their own blood for sensitivity to dental materials.

We partner with Clifford Consulting and Research Inc. to provide our patients with Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT). This CMRT analyzes a patient's unique antibody record in the blood by screening it against 89 chemical groups and families. It measures the reaction to each material and cross references it against the largest professionally maintained database of trade-named biomedical composites, alloys and other materials used in dentistry.

When you take advantage of this special service, you will need to have your blood drawn and spun by an outpatient medical blood laboratory. You will send your sample to Clifford Consulting to be tested. A multi-sectional report will be generated for Dr. Charnesky to utilize durring your dental treatment. You will also be given a copy for your records.

This is not an allergy test, however, it can help select safer materials to use for your own body by determining if you have antibodies against metals and chemicals. CMRT offers a unique view of a particular patient's individuality. It is extremely helpful in choosing materials choices for today's dental treatment.

Be sure to discuss this report option with Dr Charnesky or one of our team members.

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